Greenkeeper's Course Report

With an autumnal feel greens and the course are starting to change again with a few leaves dropping and worm casts showing.

Rainfall for May was 62mm, June 167mm and July 114mm with the 23 of July recording 27mm alone then the 26th of July 24mm. Today will be similar.

Leather jackets are now at what is called there 4th instar pupae and from early autumn to late autumn the adult pupae will emerge and fly then lay eggs again.( crane fly/daddy long legs) please stand on any to crush if seen on greens.

I have some further ideas to trial over the winter to reduce numbers.

I am monthly now spraying thatch degrader to try to reduce thatch levelsĀ on greens this works better if the soil profile is aerated and is aimed from this time of year onwards when thatch has built up over the summer months. Soil temperatures will be dropping shortly making it in effective.

I am also starting to use a little iron to hold back some moss on the greens.

Peter McMorran (friendly agronomist) tested the greens recently with the penetrometer and this has shown a compact pan on a few greens at a depth of 5-6 inches. I am needle tining just now at that depth then I plan to focus some vertidraining after closing day to try to relive this.

Staff: Jamie has completed his level2 greenkeeping qualification well done.

Fire extinguishers were checked and one replaced.

Machinery: is holding up ok, rough cutter is working the poorest. Leaking oil, castor wheels worn, engine hood cracked, steering valve sticking to name a few age related problems.

A back pack blower will be needed for autumn leaves and twigs blown off trees.

John Houston
Head GreenkeeperĀ  14th August, 2017